Blocknubie provides Secure Control, Access and Monetization of Healthcare Records

Blocknubie - The Healthcare Platform enables patients to have secure access and control of their healthcare records from multiple healthcare organisations using its Blocknubie Wallet App and portal-based platform, and with its Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides healthcare professionals with medical analysis enabling more rapid and accurate prescribing of actions to be taken and enabling patients to monetize their data for research purposes to be rewarded with Blocknubie RX Tokens.

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Blocknubie Platform

Blocknubie Vault

The Blocknubie Vault uses Blockchain Technology to secure and guard access to patients records and interfaces with the Blocknubie Healthcare Module

Blocknubie Wallet

The Blocknubie wallet securely holds the users healthcare records and will be available in
iOS, Android and desktop.

Blocknubie Health

The Blocknubie Healthcare Module enables Physicians to access, diagnose and prescribe for their patients.

Blocknubie’s Platform combines Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to provide leading edge solutions for the Healthcare Sector

Blocknubie Healthcare technology manages secure access to and enables analysis of patient’s medical records

Patient  reward

Patient will receive BKNU RX tokens as a reward for
uploading and the use of their medical data


Fran Rooney

Executive Chairman

Fran Rooney is Executive Chairman of the Company and is an extremely successful businessman and entrepreneur. He is a Barrister at Law.... Read More

Loughlin Nestor


Early Blockchain advocate, former ambassador for Intertrade Ireland and Economist . Mr Nestor has working with and advised.... Read More

Lawrence Patrick

Healthcare Advisor

Lawrence Patrick has more than 20 years of global management and leadership experience, developed in... Read More

Mirko Stanic

Senior Blockchain Architect

Mirko Stanić is the self sovereign identity platform architect of the Company. He has experience with electronic IDs in both federated and.... Read More

Patrick Stewart

Finance and Commercial

Patrick is a long time entrepreneur with 40 years international experience having invested, developed and worked across a broad range of industries.... Read More

David Smeed


David has over 30 years experience in the Financial Markets managing HNW & International clients. David has run Best Financial, a Dublin based.... Read More

Pamir Roy

CTO,AI & Blockchain Strategist,
GletCarafe Strategic Associate

Pamir is a veteran AI & Blockchain researcher and strategist with avast experience in almost every aspect of technology. He has.... Read More

Nikita Paul

Visual& Interaction Architect,
GletCarafe Strategic Associate

Nikita is a curious UX designer based in India. She strives to deliverenjoyable experiences and loves to observe the user's wow.... Read More

Samrat Dhar

Strategist& Market Intelligence,
GletCarafe Strategic Associate

Samrat is an experienced strategist working with multiple industries onfronts such as T shaped strategy development and data-driven.... Read More

The Blocknubie Health platform utilises two different tokens for two different purposes.

A publicly traded token, and an NFT (Non-fungible token) for healthcare data management within the Blocknubie Vault.

1. The Blocknubie Health Token (BKNU) is a publicly traded token. BKNU is a utility healthcare token that can be used as a form of payment for all medical needs, including healthcare providers and insurers.

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2. The Blocknubie Health Data token (BKNU Rx) is a uniquely minted NFT and generated for the user automatically when a user uploads their data that is validated by a registered medical practitioner.  Blocknubie Rx is not a tradable NFT, but used for technical,  maintenance and administration of the user's healthcare data.


The Publicly Traded Token (BKNU)
The BKNU token is a BEP 20 token. These Tokens will have an intrinsic commercial value determined by the market. The token will trade publicly on the LATOKEN Exchange.
The Company will  use this token to incentivise investors who participate in the funding of its operations, and will benefit all stakeholders , including patients and healthcare providers. It will also be used to reward the patients of healthcare records with an allocation of BKNU Token(s) who provide their healthcare records or engage a cross section of clients in R&D programmes. BKNU is a utility healthcare token that can be used as a form of payment for all medical needs, including healthcare providers and insurers.

31% Future Offerings

20% Team & Advisors

20% Secondary Offering

4% Liquidity Pools

1% Pre-Sales Investors

5% Initial Exchange Offering

2% Blocknubie Foundation

4% Marketing

8% Reserve

5% Loyalty Reward Programme


Achievements to date

• Identified and built a skilled and unified team
• 2.5 years Consolidated Research and Development
• Delivery of infrastructure and backend protocols
• Design and commencement of platform delivery
• Negotiated future access to Global Healthcare Patents
• Secured Collaborative Agreement with Cardano Foundation

Q3 2022

• Launch Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)
• Continue to develop Team
• Continue to build strategic relationships
   with Patient Centric Associations

Q3 2022 - Q4 2022

• Commence Phase 2 development of BlockNubie Vault
    with AI integration
• Case studies with HCPs (Health Care Providers)
• Delivery and launch of BlockNubie Vault MVP
• Roll out of SSI Pilot with Cardano Foundation

Q4 2022

• Launch BlockNubie Version 1
• Research & Development Version 2
• Commence Registration as a VASP
   (Virtual Asset Service Provider)

Q4 2022 - Q4 2023

• Target of 10m users.
• Review launch of BlockNubie on the OTC Public
   Market, New York.

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