BlockNubie partners with Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain specialists GletCarafe

Headquarters, Dublin, Ireland, 11th August, 2022. Fran Rooney, Executive Chairman of the global Health Platform BlockNubie, today announced a partnership with technology company GletCarafe.

The partnership will provide software developers, design engineers, project managers, data analysts and solution architects to develop and deploy Blocknubie’s platform evolving Blockchain to provide secure Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) solutions of Healthcare Data and the integration of Artificial Intelligence to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

BlockNubie Executive Chairman Fran Rooney said that “We are rapidly developing our technology expertise in areas such as, Artificial Intelligence, and Medical Data Retention. The company is very excited to be announcing a partnership with specialist technology company GlefCarafe, particularly in those specific areas. Blocknubie powered by blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blocknubie creates a cost-efficient, accessible, preventative healthcare platform, protected by leading-edge Self-sovereign Identity (SSI) solutions for self-owned medical data evolving globally. We have now listed on Latoken and Coinstore Exchanges to fund the development of our technology We are targeting Quarter 4 of this year for the first release of our secure wallet to allow patients to have secure and direct access to their own records”

Pamir Roy, CEO & Managing Director of GletCarafe said “We are extremely excited to be partnering with Blocknubie. Their project is one of the most exciting medical platforms in the healthcare space extending the frontiers of both AI and blockchain. We anticipate a long and rewarding partnership, helping to shape Blocknubie’s Self-sovereign Identity (SSI) and Artificial Intelligence solutions”

About GletCarafe

GletCarafe is a technology firm which focuses on state of the art technology in the fields of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. They believe in storming ahead into the future rather than dwindling in the past. This mantra is resounded by the company's foundation being laid upon R&D and vesting in the most updated state of the art peer reviewed research papers published. The company is multi-faceted into technology. Their basic segments work towards bringing futuristic digital solutions to edge recipients in terms of design (creative, UI/UX, all inclusive),analytics, data processing, blockchain, technology, health care — all of which is backed and powered by R&D and boosted by highly revered AI technologies.

GletCarafe was founded by two enthusiastic individuals namely, Pamir Roy & Samrat Dhar, who saw the immediate gap between the already published research knowledge, from technical view point, and the industrial technological advancements being employed at large. This gave away for scope of leveraging that untapped potential of knowledge. The idea was further fueled by several historical evidences, such as, while the baseline effective technology of decentralisation was chalked out in 2001 by Bram Cohen, the foundational research for the same dates back to 1975-1980 and now at the present era of 2022, partial employment of decentralisation happened, giving us, the general public, much freedom and power to enjoy.

As said, you can be wise by learning from your own mistakes and wiser by learning from others mistakes, GletCarafe well understood this and hence learnt from history, that being in the front end of employing cutting edge research tech shall only pave the path of the future while you can be the force pulling the industry towards that direction rather than waiting for change to happen.

Hence, R&D forms one of the core principles of GletCarafe along with quality, satisfaction and humanity.

About Blocknubie
BlockNubie ( provides Secure Control, Access and Monetization of Healthcare Records.

Powered by blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blocknubie creates a cost-efficient, accessible, preventative healthcare platform, protected by leading-edge Self-sovereign Identity (SSI) solutions for self-owned medical data evolving globally.
Blocknubie enables patients to have secure access and control of their healthcare records from multiple healthcare organizations and provides healthcare professionals with medical data enabling more rapid and accurate prescribing of actions to be taken and enabling patients to monetize their data for research purposes.

Blocknubie provides leading-edge technology solutions to enable organizations to stay at the forefront of the technological revolution and to ensure that they maximize competitive advantage. Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers a real opportunity in healthcare, not only to automate some of the problem-solving carried out by medical professionals, but also to make quicker and more informed decisions with custodial access and security of healthcare data. This will improve the cost of healthcare and improve outcomes simply because decision making will happen earlier, faster, better and in a more secure manner. Blockchain and AI are technologies of strategic importance and key drivers of economic development. Blockchain solutions and AI can solve many societal and corporate challenges. Blocknubie accelerates organization’s success by unlocking the hidden value in data. By scaling powerful product solutions to meet demand, Blocknubie will keep costs low and performance high. Blocknubie makes healthcare more affordable for everyone, everywhere.

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Fran Rooney is co-founder and Executive Chair of the Company and an extremely successful businessman and entrepreneur. He is a Barrister-at-Law and a qualified Chartered Accountant. He built Baltimore Technologies to become a global enterprise listed on NASDAQ and London Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of $13.6 billion in the data security and cryptography industry. He wrote software code in his early career and is a qualified Systems Analyst. Mr Rooney has led a number of organisations to successful capital market listings. He has considerable experience at Chairman and CEO level on the NASDAQ, the London Stock Exchange and London AIM Market. Mr Rooney also has substantial experience with other capital fundings such as STO, IPO & ICOs.