Recent catastrophic humanitarian crisis and refugee issues as well as the threats to global digital infrastructure have once more...

Today Fran Rooney Executive Chair and Co-founder of Blocknubie Healthcare said that “Recent global threats catastrophic humanitarian crisis and refugee issues as well as the threats to global digital infrastructure have once more demonstrated the need for mobile patient owned digital healthcare records which the EU is keen to adopt.

Dublin July 5th 2022,Mr Rooney points out that “These combined with the time sensitivity and criticalness of medical data makes healthcare institutions targets for cyberattacks and the need to have Healthcare Records portable globally has increased enormously. However, if the patients had their medical records digitally available in personal possession, then much of the damage could be resolved by simply transferring the data from the patient back to the Medical Organisations.”

Of course this is not a perfect solution and there will always be internal data in flux which is not yet officially issued but it would cover over half the affected data but the most important pieces i.e. the results and official diagnosis would definitely have been covered. This would have had a twofold effect on the recovery. Firstly there would be no need for digital triage and the healthcare centers could focus on recovering the most time sensitive data and secondly the patients could be serviced by the healthcare providers in the meantime since they would have their entire medical history on their person”

A global problem that requires a global solution. Blocknubie is rolling out its product suite to protect patients’ healthcare records with its blockchain based Mobile Healthcare App to secure healthcare records and its Healthcare platform using Artificial Intelligence to diagnose treatment of patients.
“The concept of user owned data, is self-sovereign identity or SSI. This technology allows for the issuance of any digital records to a citizen who then has control over sharing it with whom and when he or she wants to. Data integrity is kept safe by anchoring it to a public blockchain. This process involves writing a one-way mathematical hash, a fingerprint of the data to the blockchain. SSI has also been recognized as a key technology by the EU which has been developing the European Self-Sovereign Identity Framework (ESSIF) through the European Blockchain Partnership.

The cost of treatment and equipment continues to increase each passing day. Governments are spending over 20% of their GDP on health care, and as these threats continue to escalate the burden will continue to grow.
Now is the time for the Healthcare Sector to embrace blockchain technology. This is a now a serious global problem which requires an immediate global solution”.


About Blocknubie
BlockNubie ( provides Secure Control, Access and Monetization of Healthcare Records.
Powered by blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blocknubie creates a cost-efficient, accessible, preventative healthcare platform, protected by leading-edge Self-sovereign Identity (SSI) solutions for self-owned medical data evolving globally.
Blocknubie enables patients to have secure access and control of their healthcare records from multiple healthcare organizations and provides healthcare professionals with medical data enabling more rapid and accurate prescribing of actions to be taken and enabling patients to monetize their data for research purposes.
Blocknubie provides leading-edge technology solutions to enable organizations to stay at the forefront of the technological revolution and to ensure that they maximize competitive advantage. Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers a real opportunity in healthcare, not only to automate some of the problem solving carried out by medical professionals, but also to make quicker and more informed decisions with custodial access and security of healthcare data. This will improve the cost of healthcare and improve outcomes simply because decision making will happen earlier, faster, better and in a more secure manner. Blockchain and AI are technologies of strategic importance and key drivers of economic development. Blockchain solutions and AI can solve many societal and corporate challenges. Blocknubie accelerates organization’s success by unlocking the hidden value in data. By scaling powerful product solutions to meet demand, Blocknubie will keep costs low and performance high. Blocknubie makes healthcare more affordable for everyone, everywhere.
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