Corporate Culture and Ethical Values

Blocknubie culture is driven by a shared passion for our mission and metrics. It is a culture of amazing, growth-minded people whose values include using good judgment for the organization and customer.The Blocknubie Ethics and Compliance Value chain recognizes that an ethical culture is the core element of an organization’s ethics and compliance program. If the culture of the organization does not support principled performance, then all of the people, processes, and technologies that are put in place to mitigate ethics and compliance risks cannot be effective.

In a business environment where reputational threats lurk around every corner, a strong culture of ethics and compliance is the foundation of a robust risk management program. Business ethics and moral values go beyond staying on the right side of the law. A code of ethics is a core part of how a company behaves. If a business acts in an ethical manner at all times, it says a lot about what they value. The following represent the core values that BlockNubie adopt:


●    Integrity

●    Fairness

●    Leadership

●    Honesty

●    Accountability

●    Teamwork

●    Charity/Kindness

●    Loyalty



The value of integrity is a key driver to  inform ethical decision-making in BlockNubie. In other words, companies that display integrity make ethical decisions even if experiencing tremendous pressure to go a different way. In addition to making ethically sound decisions, Blocknubie demonstrates integrity and transparency in their business operations. Instead of keeping high-level board meetings a secret, BlockNubie executives routinely release detailed notes to  employees about discussions and the decisions they’ve made.




BlockNubie believes that ethical behavior and ethical decisions in business should also include fairness. This means treating each individual as an equal, no matter a person’s position within the company. An organization that champions fairness promotes workplace diversity, encouraging people of different backgrounds and points of view to influence how the company operates.Fairness in the workplace can be something as simple as not showing favoritism.


All companies have Executives and Managers, but that doesn’t mean they have leaders who follow ethical standards and ethical principles. Ethical business practices are easier to follow when one of the core values is leadership. True leadership displays all the ethical values of an organization, setting an example for everyone to follow. BlockNubie cultivates an environment where people want to adopt these values for themselves.


One of the most effective ways to show personal ethics is through servant leadership. Servant leaders place their team’s, community’s, and customers’ needs above their own interests.. BlockNubies leadership team empathize with those around them. In addition to this, BlockNubie Leadership resolves workplace conflict issues and holds themselves accountable for their actions. Fulfilling ethical behavior and principles is the primary focus of servant leaders, making it one of the key ways BlockNubie executives guide teams in a manner where morals matter most.




Honesty and integrity are closely related to personal ethical standards .BlockNubie adopts a culture of leading with the intention of not deceiving or misleading others,avoiding overstatements and misrepresentations. Additionally, being honest in our organization also involves dealing with employees and customers in a way that is sincere and earnest.




One of the core ethical standards for behavior at BlockNubie is accountability.Organizations that practice self-accountability hold themselves responsible for when things go wrong. They admit mistakes and do their best to correct them.Too many companies try to refocus attention on why they shouldn’t be held responsible for their actions. BlockNubie with accountable leaders play by a different set of ethics. By taking personal responsibility at all times, they learn from their mistakes and grow.




The ethical core value of teamwork as part of BlockNubie doesn’t just entail people working toward a common goal. It encompasses respect and concern for other group members. Strong teams brainstorm with each other, collaborate, and support one another in achieving goals, which leads to greater ethics, productivity,progress, and innovation.





BlockNubie demonstrates their commitment to organizational culture, ethical standards and morals through their charity work. Charity shows kindness to the community and the world at large. It also shows dedication to a cause bigger than the organization itself. Charity involves more than just devoting time and money.It encapsulates what ethics BlockNubie values and holds dear.





BlockNubie act to earn customer loyalty through great ethics every day. BlockNubie provides high-quality products and excellent customer service. At a time when cybersecurity concerns grow by the day, it also demonstrates that BlockNubie can protect personal information from those with ill intent. This loyalty comes from sharing common values and beliefs with our customers. BlockNubie will never compromise the quality of its products.As a result BlockNubie bridges the gap between company loyalty, customer loyalty, and ethics.